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The mission of Four Core is to provide clients with the necessary tools to achieve their fitness goals and incorporate these successes into their everyday life. This is a term known as Functional Training (“Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.”

Kristin Bergey

Kristin Bergey is the owner/ sole operator of Four Core Personal Training. She is a certified personal trainer through ACE. Kristin has over 20 years experience with fitness. Kristin played youth sports and around the age of 13 began distance running. Running soon became a lifestyle choice and Kristin began using running as a mode of transportation to friends, work and school. Kristin began swimming, biking and lifting weights as a way to become a better runner. Kristin completed her first marathon (The Chicago Marathon) at the age of 19 in a Time of 3 hours 57 minutes, placing 24th in her division. With the completion of four full marathons, approx. a dozen half marathons and dozens of races of lengths between 3.2 and 26.2 miles Kristin is an accomplished and experienced runner. 

At the ages of 14 and 16 Kristin experienced injuries to her neck, shoulder and humorous bone while snowboarding and consequently developed migraine headaches. After 18 years of pain a correct diagnosis was given; a disc bulge in c5/c6 that had gone untreated and presented as migraines. Faced with debilitating body pain and reduced ability to perform simple every day tasks, such as vacuuming, Kristin underwent surgery to fix the disc bulge. The bulge was worse than shown on the MRI with a portion of the disc broken off and an indentation on her spinal cord. After approx. four months of being unable to exercise due to the debilitating pain and subsequent surgery recovery Kristin decided to make a lifestyle change and make caring for her health a priority so she could function to the best of her potential. And from this arose Fore Core Personal Training. Four Core is named for the Four Core philosophy Kristin created, believes in, and lives. 

 Kristin's four boys and husband inspire her everyday to stay healthy so she can take care of and enjoy her family. Over the course of her four pregnancies, in four years, Kristin gained and lost over 200 pounds! She did this through diet and exercise, mainly running. She trained for two full marathons and multiple half marathons while pushing her children in a jogging stroller. One to four kids at a time would go out for runs with Mom or hauled in a bike trailer on cross training days. In addition Kristin and one of her sons runs with the organization Athletes Serving Athletes and many 5k to half marathon races were completed while pushing her son in a jogging stroller with the help of other “wingmen” forming a team to get the “athlete” (person in the jogger) across the finish line. 


How does Four Core measure success? Your success is measured by achieving your individual goals. Everyone is different, everyone has different goals. Living a healthy lifestyle is not measured by a number on a scale but how you feel, everyday. How you move, everyday. We need to make adjustments based on what is occurring in your life to achieve new goals that are always emerging. The journey to health is an always changing continuum, make sure you have the resources from Four Core Personal Training to give you the tools for success on your journey. 

Well I want to make a change but…I am to busy. I am to out of shape. I can’t afford the costs associated with changing my lifestyle. If you can’t make time for yourself, to care for yourself, your not using your full potential to help others and perform various daily activities. Achieving the lifestyle you want is not a race. Every day you eat better, move more and have a positive thought is a move in the right direction. You can’t afford NOT to take care of yourself. Self care is an investment with the possibility of huge, life changing, returns. For a few dollars a day you can have the tools necessary to unlock your potential to achieve the goals you have set forth. 

Ok, I want to make a change in my life, now what? Deciding you want to make a change is one of the biggest steps in making that change. Self actualization that change needs to occur takes a lot of pre planning your not even aware of, most of the time. Perspective clients need to fill out client intake forms. Based on your goals and budget a program will be recommended to you. If you would like to request enrollment in a particular program please do so. 

How long will this take? Program enrollment runs three months at a time. Research varies, but a  habit takes between 21-66 days to form. Aligning with the minimum 21 days for a habit to form is the time frame of  three to four weeks, which is about how long it will take before you start to see changes in yourself from the habits your creating. Another three weeks and people familiar with you will see the changes. This aligns with the timeframe of when your habits will be formed. Add another 6 weeks and people that may be slightly familiar with you will have noticed a change. Stick with the program for success then enroll in another three months to build upon the gains you made in the previous enrollment session. And so on. 

I want more/less. Do you not see a plan that fits your needs due to cost or amount of time (to much or to little)? Is this keeping you from filling out the intake forms? Send an e-mail with your questions and what your looking for. I will do the best I can to work with you to make a program that fits your budget and needs.