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The ability to perform a desired task to its fullest potential takes fitness. Once your body is fueled and moving you can fine tune it to perform certain goals. These fitness goals roll over into everyday life and allow you to meet work, personal and family goals. This plan is for you if you want to incorporate cardiovascular activities along with whole body weight training. These plans include a warm up and cool down portion to the cardio. Full cardio time runs 20-30 min unless you specify otherwise. This plan is also good for those individuals who are looking to train for a specific distance race. In the instance this plan is chosen for the sole purpose of running the cardio portion may be lengthened some/all days with the weight training portion decreased. 

  • Resistance training/conditioning
  • Speed/Endurance
  • Movement
  • Stamina
  • Mind/Body connection 

 $35/month ($100 for each 3 month enrollment period) 

  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • 120-180 minutes of exercise/week (3 days of exercises/week)
  • Formulation of up to TWO fitness goals every three months 
  • 3 stretches/movements/week
  • Choice of home or gym or combo plan. This can be changed every three months.