Giving Back

a-s-a wing-man (n.)  Any individual (man or woman, fast or slow) who lends his/her heart and legs to empower an ASA athlete to cross the finish line and at the same time raises awareness and funds for the organization.

Athletes Serving Athletes

ASA is a 501c(3), non-profit, organization with a mission to “Empower individuals living with disabilities to train and compete in mainstream running and triathlon events.” For clarification in further reading a wingman is a person who assists the athlete (pushing, pulling, running beside). The athlete is the individual with the disability.

 As a wingman, and parent of an athlete Kristin knows, firsthand, the impact ASA has on the lives of others. She is always amazed that people volunteer not only their time but also their physical strength to help others achieve a goal.

Through team work a person with a disability is able to experience something they might not have otherwise. Without working with an athlete your usually finishing a race for yourself. Adding an athlete and a team of people creates a new dynamic that is nothing like you have ever experienced. The energy, motivation and understanding your own strength is exemplified with every ASA race. ASA is ALWAYS in need of wingmen.   

 This is where clients come in. If you are a current wingman, or sign up as wingman, and actively participate in ASA races and fundraising Kristin will DONATE 10% of your fees, to ASA. Not only are you able to grow in your own fitness goals through working with Kristin as a personal trainer but also personally serve others by participating in ASA.