• Intensive Abdominal Programming

Intensive Abdominal Programming


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What is intensive abdominal programming?

Four Core intensive abdominal programming focuses on the transversus abdominis (TA) muscle. The TA is a layer of muscle in the front and side abdominal wall. It is a deep layer muscle and not what you first think of when you want to achieve the allusive “six pack abs” (the rectus abdominis muscles) but the TA plays a vital role in the stability of your trunk. 

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Without TA training, and only advanced abdominal work on the rectus abdominis, you will not achieve true trunk strength and stability. Trunk stability allows you to perform exercises and everyday movements without falling and with proper form. Lack trunk stability and the foundation of your exercises and movements is at jeopardy. Unlock the potential of your trunk and see your fitness potential soar. 

This program is a self-guided program. The cost is for the entire three month program which you will be e-mailed in its entirety. You may email me (Kristin@fourcoretraining.com) at anytime with questions during the three month program but I will not be checking in with you. In order for this program to be successful you must follow the time commitment instructions and perform the movements with proper form. Time commitment is approx. 5-10 min/day 5-7 days a week. 

If you are not already a client of Four Core please fill out the intake form before purchasing the programming. http://fourcoretraining.com/intake-form

Once your intake form is received and the programming is purchased the intensive abdominal programming will be e-mailed to you via PDF. You may print the programming for your personal use. Please note that this programming is only for individual use of the person who purchased the programing. Distribution of the programming through copying, forwarding or using for anything besides individual personal use is prohibited. 


If you have a history of pelvic floor issues, incontinence, pain during intercourse, diastsasis recti, back issues or any other medical conditions that may be contraindications for intensive abdominal work please be cleared by your physician before beginning this programming.