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Live your life the way YOU want to. Make gains in your career, relationships and self awareness by having the physical ability to meet your goals. This plan is for someone that wants to jumpstart their heath. You don't know WHERE to start and want to make a BIG transformation. This plan combines aspects from nutrition/movement/fitness for a fraction of the cost of buying each plan individually. Participation in this plan will require logging food in MyFitnessPal and current height and weight. It is also requested (but not required) you use a soft measuring tape to measure specific parts of your body. 

  • Resistance training/conditioning 
  • Speed/Endurance
  • Stability/Mobility
  • Movement
  • Stamina
  • Self Care 

$75/month ($225for each 3 month enrollment period) 

  • Unlimited e-mail support 
  • In depth communication of goals and review of plan every month with ways to improve and meet your goals. 
  • Before/After assessment based on pictures (pictures when applicable i.e. posture goal), measurements, including waist to hip ratio, every three months. 
  • Formation of up to FOUR combined nutrition/weight/fitness goals every three months 
  • Review of one week food log before starting to work on nutrition, and after month two 
  • Help in calculating daily caloric goals based on activity level and weight goals
  • Water consumption tips
  • Meal planning guide
  • “This or That” replace your favorite foods with healthier alternatives (home and in restaurants) 
  • Option to choose from a calorie based plan OR serving of specific food group plan
  • 120-180 minutes of exercise/week (3 days of exercises/week. Includes cardio/resistance/stretches/movement training) 
  • Choice of home or gym or combo plan. This can be changed every three months.