• One hour/one person Consultation or Training Session

One hour/one person Consultation or Training Session


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One hour/one person consultation or training session with Kristin

Meet at YOUR home! I come to you 1-2 times a week. 

*other options include local park or community clubhouse (if allowed)

Training plans are customized with your unique goals in mind. Nutrition programming can be incorporated into the hour long session

If you are local this can be done in person. Not local? No problem! Video/phone calls can work as well. 

No refunds unless doctor note. 24hr cancellation required and paid session can then be used for a rescheduled date within 30 days.

If you are local I suggest combining this with an on-line plan. Once a month we meet for an hour to go over the exercises in your fitness plan for the upcoming month. Questions are immediately answered and form corrections are immediately made.  

Other ways to use a one hour consultation are: 

+ Grocery shopping trip to kick off a three month online nutrition or lifestyle plan. We go through the local grocery store to read labels, make healthier substitutions for what you would usually buy and follow a meal plan shopping list. 

+Supplement a support plan. Meet for an hour to make a new goal, work on meal planning (I will bring some cookbooks/recipes along) or make a mini plan right there for nutrition or fitness. Then sign up for the $25 a month support plan to ask follow up questions on what we discussed during the consultation 

+You want to use a pre existing Four Core plan and DON'T want to sign up for monthly e-mail support but do need a "refresher" with questions about your plan, real time examples of stretches, exercises or doing the meal planning shopping list.