Services FAQ

How long will it take you to respond to e-mail questions? 

 I try my best to answer e-mails as quickly as possible, usually 24 hours or less. If I will be away from my computer for a planned vacation you will know in advance in addition an auto reply will be sent back. If there is an urgent question regarding your health please contact your doctor, the nearest emergency room or 911. 

Can we text instead of e-mail? 

In order to stay organized and on top of client needs I have opted to communicate via e-mail only at this time. I also have social media pages that general questions can be directed to. There is no guarantee these questions will be answered faster than e-mail. 

My plan is not working for me/ I no longer want to exercise/ I no longer am able to exercise. Bottom line, what is your refund policy? 

I do not offer refunds unless you have a doctors note explaining you will not be able to participate in the exercise plan. In this instance the refund will be prorated based on how many days you have left in the plan (i.e. 1 week into your 3 month plan and your fall off a curb and twist your ankle. Doc provides a note asking you to be excused from your exercise plan) I calculate the per day price left in your plan and refund you that money. If your plan is not working or you no longer want to exercise please communicate with me your needs. Hopefully we can work something out so my services can be beneficial to you for the remainder of the plan. In order to keep my prices low, prices are based on clients completing the services and not me refunding the services. 

How does billing work? 

When purchasing an on-line training plan you simply go to the training plans link and purchase your desired plan. All plans are three months long and you will be billed for the full three months.  I will receive an e-mail notifying me of a purchase and be in contact with you via e-mail. Transactions are done through pay pal using your pay pal account or a credit card.  You then have one week to fill out the client intake information, after that I have one week to communicate with you and give you a plan. If this is completed sooner than two weeks, great! If this takes longer than two weeks due to your failure to respond to e-mails this will start your “three month clock” and eat into the plans that you receive. In the case of corporate wellness, in person, or other customized training plans payment will be done via pay pal with a bill that can be paid from your pay pal account or a credit card. Cash is only accepted for in person training sessions. 

How do I make new goals for each 3 month period? 

After approx. 10-11 weeks you will be asked if you wish to continue for another 3 months. If the answer is yes, you will fill out a short  form about new goals/expanding upon current goals/continuing current goals and our communication will continue. 

How often will I receive new plans? 

Once a month. Every three weeks, during your three month plan, you will be asked to fill out a short follow up form.  Remember, if something is not working EVERY plan has an option to make changes. Don’t like a certain food, or a certain exercise? You can request to make a change. Changing the plan once a month prevents plateaus from occurring. Not changing the plan weekly also allows you to develop a routine and perfect form, speed, trying a new food, and more! Please e-mail ANY TIME during your plan to give input or ask questions. 

What about form? 

Are you not sure how to perform a certain exercise? Check out my “Links” page to some favorite sites that help you with correct form and how to perform the assigned exercise. Not finding the information you need on your own? Send me an e-mail!

I see an exercise repeated from last month/6 months ago etc…

Sometimes clients request a certain exercise be repeated. Sometimes based on goals I see a need to repeat an exercise, be it six months from when the exercise was first performed or even a certain exercise can be carried into the next month. If this occurs, and you want it changed, EVERY plan has an option to make changes.